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Please allow me to introduce you to SAEILO MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES specializing in contract CNC machining and manufacturing services.

Saeilo Manufacturing Industries (SMI) is a division of Saeilo, Inc., an international group focused on new product R&D and the development of advanced manufacturing technologies. The Saeilo Group spans the globe and includes KAHR ARMS, the award-winning manufacturer of defensive handguns.

SMI is dedicated to meeting your manufacturing requirements of top quality parts and timely delivery at competitive prices. With ever-expanding machining and engineering capabilities, a superb quality program, and a highly skilled work force, SMI provides world class machining, manufacturing and assembly services for a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, consumer products, electronics, medical equipment, scientific instrumentation and telecommunications.

SMI, also offers a wide range of in-house engineering and precision tooling services, as well as secondary operations, that complement our machining and manufacturing capabilities.

To better meet the needs of companies with multiple production sites or complex subcontracting requirements.

I earnestly invite you to call or visit our facility to see why SMI is the manufacturing partner of excellence for you.

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Justin Moon

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